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Hearts In Mind

Hearts In Mind
1. Simple Life
2. Angels
3. Heart Of Indochine
4. Beautiful
5. Back When Ted Loved Sylvia
6. Mountain Of Sorrow
7. Old Hanoi
8. Before
9. I Love This Town
10. Rise To The Occasion
11. Love Conquers All
12. Last Train Home
13. Big Blue Ball Of War
14. Our Very Own (US Release)
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Released in the UK/IRE on 11 Oct 2004
Released in the US on 1 Feb 2005

Produced by: Nanci & Pat McInerney
Recorded & Mixed by: John Hurley at Universal Music Publishing & The Parlor
Assisted by: Chuck Linder (recording) & Lowell Reynolds (mixing)
Mastered by: Jim DeMain at Yes Master
Production Manager: Le Ann Etheridge
Guitar Technician: Bruce MacKay

Graphic Design: Bill Brunt Designs
Photography: Señor McGuire, assisted by Diesel

Back Cover: Battery Park 1987; by Nanci’s stepfather George Strawser

Cathryn Craig appears courtesy of Goldrush Records.
Jimmy Buffett appears courtesy of Mailboat Records

This recording is dedicated to the memory of every soldier and every civilian lost to the horrors of war

Kind thanks to my co-producer, Patrick McInerney and to his talented wife, Le Ann Etheridge, our Production Manager, who kept us both in line, between the lines and under the bottom line… to my Publisher at Universal Pat Higdon for listening and believing… to John Hurley, our lead engineer for listening and recording… to my Business manager, Kirke Martin, my manager at Gold Mountain Entertainment, Burt Stein and all the staff members therein for always being there… to Bruce McKay, Dean Norman, Doug Dawson, Monty Hitchcock and the Blue Moon Orchestra for the road… to Jimmy Buffett and Mac McAnnally for their hearts in song… to the Angel Choir, Jennifer Kimball, Le Ann Etheridge and Cathryn Craig for their sweet voices… to Charley Stefl, John Terzano, Larrie Warren, Bobby Muller and staff at VVAF for your friendship and inspiration… to Bob Mercer at Universal/New Door records for believing in this project with me and Patrick at the wheel… to Peter Collins and Greg Ladanyi who agreed to take the wheel if we lost our way… to Jim McGuire for making his camera forget I am in my nifty fifties… and finally to all my friends I haven’t mentioned but should have, your Hearts in Mind even if my mind has short term memory loss…

All rights for Ponder Heart Music controlled and admin. by Irving Music, Inc. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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