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June 10, 2009

“The Loving Kind” Is Out Now! Check Out What Everyone Is Saying About The New Album…

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I had never been to the relatively new (December, 2008) Grammy Museum in Downtown L.A. until Monday night. I went to see Nanci Griffith speaking about the making of her new album, The Loving Kind…

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Nanci Griffith, The Loving Kind

Wielding a clear, insistent voice and a soft acoustic guitar, the folkie star tackles a host of weighty topics, including interracial marriage, capital punishment and the second Bush era. But this is no tedious polemic: A crack backing group renders sweet country-inflected arrangements, and Griffith tosses in a couple of honky-tonkish weepers and a tender ode to Townes Van Zant. — Jerry Shriver

>Download: The Loving Kind, Party Girl, Up Against the Rain>Consider: Tequila After Midnight, Pour Me a Drink

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Nanci Griffith, The Loving Kind (Rounder) – Respected Texas singer-songwriter returns with nine originals and four covers that revel in a signature blend of folk, country, pop and even a little bit of bluegrass.

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Nanci Griffith, “The Loving Kind” (Rounder). 3 stars.

Her sound will always be built around lilting folk and country-traced balladry, though Nanci Griffith has frequently laced that music with simmering lyrics about social injustice…


The Texan’s little-girl soprano voice has suggested naivete or innocence, yet she has a literate and sophisticated expertise, with lyrics that can be pointedly on-target…


This new album, I think, is Nanci’s best set of mostly original material since The Last of the True Believers and her best album, period…


Songwriters feel the same way about writer’s block as werewolves do about silver bullets. Country/Folk artist Nanci Griffith tells Reuters that the accursed condition kept her from penning new tunes after releasing Hearts in Mind in 2005…


More than two decades after her first record, Nanci Griffith is still making beautiful, honest and relevant music. Her latest album, The Loving Kind, has nine original songs and a small handful of covers.

Using a blend of folk, country and a tiny bit of pop, she tells vivid stories about the lives, loves and losses of the characters she creates…